Monday, May 19, 2008


Laverne at 6 weeks


Anonymous said...

Finally!! I don't know which post to comment on first! Dani, I am so glad you have a blog at last, these pics and the information you posted is so worth it! I'm off to read the link about the carrots, as I haven't grown them down here just yet. (We used to grow them up in Gainesville...I don't know why I gave it up.)
Also, I've never seen that variety before.

And the Audubon post...we visited one up in Ohio when we were there last, but I haven't seen the one in Florida yet! I have been to several other bird sanctuaries, however.

Great shots and great writing here. Dani, you're going to have an awesome blog!

Dani said...

Thank you!!!! I'm blushing. I've had really good luck with carrots. My next ones are going to be cosmic purple. They sounded cool in the catalog.