Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Girls at four months

Wow! I can't believe the girls are already four months old. It's so fun just to sit outside and watch their goofy antics. Laverne (gray one) I have to say, does goofy the best. She is just so darn funny! Yoko and Vera have turned out to be our good little flyers, with a trip up on the roof of the house and a visit with the neighbors on the other side of the fence. Thank goodness there's wing clipping.
So now we're six days away from our new shipment of four chicks. We can't wait! (Hopefully this time they will all be girls like we ordered.)
If all goes well, I'll have some pictures up come next week.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wild Coffee (Pyschotria nervosa)

I just love my Wild Coffee plants. I've got six planted in the shade under my oak tree and they're just thriving. I particularly like them this time of year when they are blooming. Such pretty clusters of tiny white flowers and with the texture of the leaves, it really makes them stand out. Native plant nurseries usually have these in stock if your interested.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Golden Mane Coreopsis

This is such a pretty wildflower. I picked up the seeds last year and it wasn't until this spring that I got around to planting them. I'm so glad I did. Every time I walk by them, they bring me a little smile.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Madira Bickle Mound

We had to drive over to Palmetto on Sunday and on our way back we saw a sign for the Madira Bickel Mound Archaeological Site and decided to stop and look around. The site is small, about 10 acres, but the mound and the area around it is just gorgeous! There was lots of Spanish moss and Resurrection Fern on the trees, all very lush from the rains we've had and a couple nice large Gumbo Limbo trees at the top of the mound. A nice little stop for a Sunday morning. Check it out sometime if your in the area.

Friday, July 11, 2008


We have new critters in the house this week. Some coquina that we brought home from the beach. And a couple tadpoles that hubby got. I like the colorful little coquina, it's always so neat watching them open and feeding. Very graceful. In a couple of days we'll move them into our larger tank to live or back to the beach.
Our poor kitchen table, it's always covered with some critter or another. And don't be alarmed by the orange goo you see in the corner, it's just slime.