Friday, July 11, 2008


We have new critters in the house this week. Some coquina that we brought home from the beach. And a couple tadpoles that hubby got. I like the colorful little coquina, it's always so neat watching them open and feeding. Very graceful. In a couple of days we'll move them into our larger tank to live or back to the beach.
Our poor kitchen table, it's always covered with some critter or another. And don't be alarmed by the orange goo you see in the corner, it's just slime.


Anonymous said...

Love the paint color in the background. (I always notice things like that.) ;)

We have a freshwater aquarium wiht a single angle fish in it, but I'd love to convert it to saltwater some day.
Your tank looks a lot more interesting!

Dani said...

Thanks Laura, I do the same thing when I'm on other blogs.

You'll love a saltwater tank!! Our big one we keep corals in. We love just to sit and watch the life going on inside.