Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall Seed Order


Black Krim ~ 75 days, mahogany colored, beefsteak tomato with deep green shoulders. Heirloom from the Isle of Krim.

Carbon ~ 76 days, 10-14 ounce, beautiful purple-brown tomatoes.

Polish Pastel ~ 82 days, 10-14 ounce, bi-colored fruit with red and yellow mottling.

Marvel Stripe ~ 95 days, beefsteaks may reach over 4- inches and two pounds. Heirloom from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Aker's West Virginia ~ 70 days, 10-16 ounce, deep-red, slightly flattened tomatoes in clusters of 2. West Virginia heirloom.

Big Rainbow ~ 82 days, Moderate to large crops of 1-2 lbs. As fruits ripen they have a rainbow appearance: Greens on the shoulder, yellow, orange, gold in the middle, and red on the bottom. Good disease resistance.

Black Oxheart ~ 80 days, heart-shaped fruit are a deep purplish brown and rich in flavor.

Floradade ~ 78 days, nice-sized 5-7 ounce fruit, developed by the University of Florida.


Serrano Tampequino ~ 75 days, club-shaped fruit, very hot and pungent

Patio Red Marconi ~ ripe fruit are a glowing red, and sweet. Perfect for containers.

Corno di Toro Rosso ~ Traditional favorite in Italy. Long 8 inch tapered, bull-horn shaped pepper. Sweet and spicy.

Odds ~ n ~ Ends:

Ching Chang Bok Choy ~ 50 days, tender and mild.

Shanghai Green Choy ~ a delicious baby type that is extra tender and finely flavored.

Tatsoi ~ superb mild flavor, a must for stir-frying and salads.

Michihli ~ big tall heads, widely grown in the Orient, very tasty.

Siam Queen Thai Basil

Thai Sweet Basil

Hartman's Giant Amaranth

Monday, August 16, 2010

Garden Work

We spent most of yesterday working on getting the raised beds in the backyard ready to cover with plastic.

Got everything pulled up and new compost added.


The Girlz were doing their share of hard work too.

We finally got the plastic down on the beds without passing out from heatstroke... nothing like summer in a subtropical climate!

*Sigh* now comes the hard part of waiting six weeks for the beds to solarize.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sanibel Island with The Puppies ~ Part 2

Maggie & Jiggs

Recently, we had the opportunity to give a beautiful, seven month old poodle puppy a home with us.

Jiggs isn't just any ole poodle pup though. He happens to be Ollie's younger brother from a different litter.

Ollie and Jiggs come from such good breeding. Smart, sociable, and the biggest personalities that shine through in each and every one of the puppies that are bred.

Maggie & Jiggs

May they both be blessed with long, happy, healthy lives.