Friday, August 20, 2010

Fall Seed Order


Black Krim ~ 75 days, mahogany colored, beefsteak tomato with deep green shoulders. Heirloom from the Isle of Krim.

Carbon ~ 76 days, 10-14 ounce, beautiful purple-brown tomatoes.

Polish Pastel ~ 82 days, 10-14 ounce, bi-colored fruit with red and yellow mottling.

Marvel Stripe ~ 95 days, beefsteaks may reach over 4- inches and two pounds. Heirloom from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Aker's West Virginia ~ 70 days, 10-16 ounce, deep-red, slightly flattened tomatoes in clusters of 2. West Virginia heirloom.

Big Rainbow ~ 82 days, Moderate to large crops of 1-2 lbs. As fruits ripen they have a rainbow appearance: Greens on the shoulder, yellow, orange, gold in the middle, and red on the bottom. Good disease resistance.

Black Oxheart ~ 80 days, heart-shaped fruit are a deep purplish brown and rich in flavor.

Floradade ~ 78 days, nice-sized 5-7 ounce fruit, developed by the University of Florida.


Serrano Tampequino ~ 75 days, club-shaped fruit, very hot and pungent

Patio Red Marconi ~ ripe fruit are a glowing red, and sweet. Perfect for containers.

Corno di Toro Rosso ~ Traditional favorite in Italy. Long 8 inch tapered, bull-horn shaped pepper. Sweet and spicy.

Odds ~ n ~ Ends:

Ching Chang Bok Choy ~ 50 days, tender and mild.

Shanghai Green Choy ~ a delicious baby type that is extra tender and finely flavored.

Tatsoi ~ superb mild flavor, a must for stir-frying and salads.

Michihli ~ big tall heads, widely grown in the Orient, very tasty.

Siam Queen Thai Basil

Thai Sweet Basil

Hartman's Giant Amaranth


Granny Annie said...

You always seem so well organized.

Dani said...

Granny, LOL!!! I'm not really.

Elizabeth asked me the other day to get something out of the "scary closet" for her. Shows you how well organized I am.

Big Shamu said...

BWhahahahhahaha. Scary closet.

The Florida Blogger said...

I've been wondering what I want to plant this fall. I guess I need to hurry up and make up my mind.

Sharon Rudd said...

LOL to the scary closet. But I'm really lusting after all these goodies for your garden.

R.Powers said...

Aunty is going to be so proud ... all those heirlooms!

Buzz Kill said...

That is a huge variety of tomatoes. Our garden is winding down and I won't even think about it until early spring. It must be nice under the Florida sun - 2 growing seasons.

I always use to tell my kids there was a "boogey man or boogey men" in the closets. That kept them occupied.

Dani said...

Shamy, I need to have company come (you could bring Sarah and Jakers). That's the only time I'm motivated enough to organize.

TFB, 1st of Sept. is when I start planting most everything.

Eggy, the fall/winter garden has always been my fave.

FC, veggie heirlooms are what got me hooked on gardening years ago. I love the history behind them, and the fight to keep them from going extinct.

Buzz, we love our Florida sun! Just not so much in August and Sept. :)

Meems said...

I keep my seeds in photo boxes, too. I think I'm a little late getting my seeds planted. Just put toms in 4" pots this week. Do you already have yours going?

Dani said...

Meems, no not yet. :( But I'm hoping to start this weekend.

Erin said...

I'm in shock over those tomatoes for fall! Wow, I knew you were warm but had no idea you were able to do fall tomatoes, how cool!

Dani said...

The tomatoes should be ok. Gonna sow some extra-early ones though, just in case.
It's a rare thing for us to drop below 30 degrees in the winter. Living along the gulf helps too. Keeps us a few degrees warmer than inland.
Daytime temps run 60~75 degrees. Wonderful garden weather!


One word... Impressed.

threecollie said...

For the first time ever I have a little lemon cucumber growing in the yard...thanks to you! It is so cute!

Melissa said...

Wowsa! Call me dense, but I forgot how Winter has a different meaning in Fla than it does in MO!

Anonymous said...

But, did you order the seed for the Goldstein Italian?? I'll check Baker's Heirlooms Don't know if they have a catalog, but if they do Ill get one to you-along with a pkt of seed. One more can' Love you Dani girl.

Darla said...

You gotta a lot of work ahead of you!

Making Space said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Have a wonderful time!!! Can't wait for the play-by-play.

Unknown said...

Look at you! You are so together!! I would love to have a garden but I do enjoy living vicariously through you. Thanx for bringing me along. :)

Florida Native Mom said...

Wow! That's a lotta seeds! Can you just call me when it's salad?

Dani said...


LaDivaCucina said...

Holy moly, look at all those tomaters! I used to love getting my seeds in the mail! Wishing you a bountiful growing season this coming year!