Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Girls at four months

Wow! I can't believe the girls are already four months old. It's so fun just to sit outside and watch their goofy antics. Laverne (gray one) I have to say, does goofy the best. She is just so darn funny! Yoko and Vera have turned out to be our good little flyers, with a trip up on the roof of the house and a visit with the neighbors on the other side of the fence. Thank goodness there's wing clipping.
So now we're six days away from our new shipment of four chicks. We can't wait! (Hopefully this time they will all be girls like we ordered.)
If all goes well, I'll have some pictures up come next week.


R.Powers said...

They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

If FC knew just how "rural" it is around here, he'd really be amazed at this post! LOL

Bet you're getting some excellent manure from them to use on the plants!

Dani said...

Thanks FC. I love my girls.

Laura, they are city chicks, no doubt about it.

Great stuff those girls make. My compost and garden thank them.

Anonymous said...

They are sooo cute! What breed is the orange and black one? I cant wait until we get some chicks. Thanks so much for your kind words!

Sandcastle Momma said...

I would LOVE to have chickens but my neighbor would never tolerate it and our city is pretty strict with the whole no farm animals thing. Are yours loud? My aunt had a small farm in Alabama and her chickens were the loudest things!

Dani said...

Kim, my little Vera is a Antwerp Belgian bantam. We've ordered all of ours through My Pet Chicken.

SCmomma, the girls are very quite, you'd never even know they were back there. My tree frogs are the noise makers around here. I get lots of questions about them. I find it cute that the neighbors and kids always want a tour of the house to see all the critters.