Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cassius Hairstreak

Hooray!! I was finally able to get a picture of this little one on the Scorpion's-Tail. Such a beauty!!


Meems said...

Hi Dani,
I found you via Pure Florida. It's always nice to find more Florida gardening blogs. Where is your garden located?

Your little butterfly is very adorable. They are so teensy I know how hard it is to capture them sitting still. You did a nice job.

I'm curious, how do you tell the difference in this one and the cassius blues?

Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Dani said...

Hi Meems, I'm over here in Indian Rocks. Thank you for the nice compliment, I've been trying for weeks to get a good picture of that little butterfly. Fast little sucker!!

I wasn't sure what kind it was, but I think your ID is the correct one. Thanks so much!

Sandcastle Momma said...

She sure is a pretty little thing! There is a big monarch that flies around the flowers near where I have my coffee in the mornings but after a week of trying to get a shot I still haven't gotten one. They have camera radar I think LOL

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic photo! I clicked to enlarge it, and it's just beautiful.

The hardest part is getting them to hold still!

Anonymous said...

Dani, I'm so bad at ID's ... especially the little tiny ones that all look alike to me. Ironically I happened to capture two of these little cuties yesterday with their wings open. You can imagine my excitement... I haven't posted it yet but I plan to in the next few days along with some other butterfly photos.

You are so close by... so happy to have found you.

Have you discovered yet? It is a website for garden blogs. You might like to add your blog. It is especially helpful in finding other blogs if you like that sort of thing.

Have a great day.
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

threecollie said...

Fantastic photo and I just love your hens.

Dani said...

SCmomma, I think you right about that radar.LOL

Thanks Laura!

Meems, I checked out your blog the other day and I have to say that you have a wonderful talent with plants and photography.

I'll go have a look that Blotanical, I love finding other gardening blogs.

Thanks Threecollie, so glad that you all weren't hurt from the cows getting spooked.