Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sick chicken and seed planting

A little stressful this week around the house. On Thursday our little chicky Vera come down with an upper respiratory cold. And has just been miserable, and of course that makes me miserable because I feel helpless. But I have to say the hour and a half that we were at the vet on Thursday my chicky girl was a SUPERSTAR! The vet techs were at least nice paparazzi, no pushing or shoving, just sweet words and lots of petting for Vera.

When we were outside last night she seemed alot better, so the seafood flavored antibiotic seems to be doing the job. (I don't quite know why they chose the seafood flavor, should have been earthworm, but I guess they don't get chickens as patients that often.)

In some garden news this week, I started doing seed trays for the autumn garden. This is the list so far:

1) Sugar Ann Snap Pea

2)Sunset Lettuce

3)Mignonette Bronze Lettuce

4)New England Sugar Pie (winter squash)

5)Collective Farm Woman (Asian melon)

6)Prescott Ford Blanc (french squash)

7)Golden Delicious (winter squash)

8) Fennel

(I was feeling optimistic about the melons, I'm sure they will all end up with mildew.)

I hope every one has a nice weekend and stay safe out there. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm glad to hear that Vera is doing better. It must of been so upsetting for you to see her sick. Have a great weekend and be safe too! I'll talk to you soon...


R.Powers said...

Hope she improves completely!
My garden is a weed infested jungle, but you are inspiring me.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I'm glad Vera is feeling better!

Maybe they give chickens seafood flavored meds because they never get seafood so it's like having a treat with their meds LOL

I wonder if a chicken even knows what seafood tastes like. Surely they don't eat something strange and say "Hmm, this tastes like chicken"
Maybe they say "This tastes like seafood!" LOL

Anonymous said...

Hope your very pretty chick gets better soon!

Dani said...

Hey Jenn, sorry the kids got sick and we couldn't meet up. Hope they're feeling better. I'll stop in sometime this week in the am.

Dani said...

Thanks FC, she's doing much better.

ScMomma, you are so funny!

Kim, thanks for the well wishes.

Anonymous said...

I tried earlier but your blog still hates me. I'm glad vera is better. It really does'nt matter if it's a chicken, child or even husbands, if they don't feel well, you worry. It's in the rule book I don't remember which chapter, but it's there. good to talk to you earlier. I was worried about the weather. Later, mama ksue

Dani said...

Hey Mom, glad you were able to leave a comment. Sorry it took me so long to call back. You know how I get sidetracked. I guess it would help too if I listened to the machine or check the caller ID more than once a week. :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds great! They are feeling better now. I would love for you to stop by and have some coffee.