Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sugar Baby Watermelon

Loved by children and chickens alike.

Hooray, our first sweet, tasty, watermelon!! I'm shocked at how hardy this variety is. ( I have the worst luck with powdery mildew and none of the plants do well because of it.) It also has a nice compact growth which was great for my small garden. I think I'll try growing it next time as a container plant to see how it does.


R.Powers said...

I grew one called yellow doll back in the late '80's that was small, bright yellow fleshed, and sweeeeet.

Dani said...

Those yellow fleshed ones always look so neat! Was the yellow doll a seedless variety?

Anonymous said...

Hey there!That watermelon looks wonderful!
What else do you have in that garden of yours? Are you teaching the little one the finer points of weeding?I'm trying to remember what I did for mildew.. hard to avoid in your climate mom

Dani said...

That watermelon was quite the tasty little fruit. I'll try to call you this evening. Love yah.