Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So many choices!!


Sandcastle Momma said...

I hate picking out paint colors. I stressed for months over what color to paint my living room and after much deliberation picked a color I thought was a pale gold. It turned out pumpkin orange! The kids laugh and say that all we need to do is paint the fireplace green and it will look like we live inside of a jack-o-lantern LOL I'm planning on repainting soon but this time I'm sticking with off white LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi there. How is everyone? I hope we can get together real soon..


ThursdayNext said...

Yes and I find that although its nice that the small color samples exist for paint testing, they make it even harder to decide! :)

Anonymous said...

ok Missy. You're down there where the beaches are great, and the sun is always shining...Let me talk to you of colors. Dani, there are fields of goldenrod so gold that it doesn't seem real. In addition, are wild sunflowers are in full bloom So is my huge colony (?)of Joe Pye. The ironweed such a purple that we only wish that we could imitate.
Then we have these huge patches of something that always look like baby's breath. and...in only two months, I'll be on the phone with Southwest begging for any seat. Just get me to florida, I'm freezing. LOL,love you Mama kSue

Unknown said...

It's always so hard to pick a color by a tiny swatch. Sometimes once you start painting you really don't like that much of a color. Good luck!

Dani said...

ScMomma, that is so frustrating!

Jenn, call me sometime this week. :)

Thursdaynext, it does, and it's making me bonkers!!

Mom, love you. :)

Lisaschaos, we feel that way about using some of the brighter colors. We don't know if it would look as good on a larger area.

Anonymous said...

I'm back! I've missed coming over here. :) And...WOW! I need to show the photos of your raised bed garden to my hub. (g)

For this post, what color did you choose, btw?

Also, I have a sweet potato that is growing in a glass jar on my windowsill and it is taking over the kitchen. The family is starting to make noises about it. I rather like it, however. LOL.
Can I just stick in in the ground as is? I've uh...never actually grown one before. LOL.

Dani said...

Hey Laura, we sure missed you!

We still haven't picked out a color, last weekend was spent cleaning out the garage to get our VW bus back in, so not much else got done.

The Sweet Potato will grow great just planted in the dirt. I would not use it for a vegetable garden though. Alot of the ones in the store have been gene altered. Best bet would be to just order slips. Most places will start taking orders in the spring. I usually order from Pinetree Garden Seeds. They are a small company, but they have great service.

Anonymous said...

ok, that sounds good. I went to the Pineree Gardens site and bookmarked it. Ordered their catalog, too. (I'd never heard of the company!)
Did you see their 2008 clearance sale? They've got so many things there, cheap! Books for $3.00, $5.00, etc.

We need to clean our garage again, too. This is just the weather for it!