Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Laverne thinks it's all about snackies


Ummm....okay, I'm kinda confused

Better look again

and maybe stare intently

But you always bring us snackies!!


Dani said...

Can some one tell me why I have such large spaces between pictures? Thanks a bunch :)

R.Powers said...

I'm with Laverne.

Blogger will sometimes auto space things. I go into the edit html tab and delete until it's where I want it.
Cute chick!

Dani said...

Thanks FC, I sure appreciate your help, those spaces were buggin' me!

Anonymous said...

LOL, who knew chickens were so cute?

Aunty Belle said...

I hustled ovah heah 'cause I heered thar' was some snackies....Laverne is a beauty.