Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Beauty of Wood Storks

Last Saturday, while we were out running errands, it seemed like everywhere we went there were great birding opportunities. Don't you just love that? Now, if you ever met me in real life you would know that there's not much in the natural world that I don't go crazy over (except roaches, they make me flap my arms, run around in circles, and scream like a girl!) but Wood Storks are definitely a great love of mine. In the evenings we'll see them flying over and my heart just sings when I see them, their undersides painted with the golden colors of the setting sun. It's in those moments that I forget my daily struggles with Dystrophy and I just feel blessed to be alive, enjoying the great beauties of our wonderful planet.

And speaking of great beauties, eight years ago today we did the happy dance in the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test. :)


Sandcastle Momma said...

Those are beautiful! Those long skinny legs get me every time LOL

R.Powers said...

Everytime I see these storks I get the same elation. Just so glad that such a creature has adapted well to us and is still around.

I also get a kick out of your zest for life and the wonderful experiences and nature lessons you provide for that little pregancy test dance causer.
She's a lucky girl.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos, and whatever blows up your skirt!!! Happiness and laughter the cure all. Great post.......

Anonymous said...

I've always thought they had the most beautiful feathers when you view them up close.
They sure do hang around our neighborhood a lot! I like them because they don't eat the fish in our pond. ;)

Had a good laugh over your chicken video, especially the black one with the crown on his head. He is Mr. Majestic! LOL

And 8 years ago today... aint that the biggest blessing of all. ;)

Unknown said...

They are beautiful birds! You make me wanna come to Florida to stalk some birdies. :)

Dani said...

ScMomma, I bet there's envy in the bird world over those legs!

FC, your such a great friend, always there with a good word!

Darla, it does seem that happiness and laughter will get you far.

Laura, Cotton is something else! We keep telling him as long as he doesn't start crowing he can stay. Nothing like having a rooster in the city! ;)

Lisa, you would love all the birds!

Anonymous said...

the storks are great. I check every day to see what other wonders that you find. has it really been eight years?
Also other readers of Dani's Blog...She really does scream and jump around when she sees a roach.
MY God,what kind of steroids do these things eat? She's a great kid and a greater wife and mom. I like her a lot.
Grandma karen

Dani said...

Mom, don't forget the clowns!! I DO NOT LIKE CLOWNS!!

Dani said...

Mom, I love you. Forgot that part in my thinking of clowns and roaches.