Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our Backyard Pond

A few years ago, Hubs was so sweet and put in a backyard pond for me as a birthday gift (I'm so not a jewelry type of girl). It definitely has been the kind of gift that keeps on giving. And now, it's the place to be if you're a critter. For me, that's the best part, watching the life that goes on all around, seeing the little birds flourish and my frogs reproducing. It feels good to be able to lend them a hand. Living in concrete land, it's gotta be a welcoming sight.

The shallow area for the birds.

Chicken critter


Unknown said...

Just beautiful! Your photos are wonderful, good lookin' chicken critter.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I want your yard! I could live in your yard LOL
Does your pond attract mosquitos? I'd love to have one but am worried about that.

Dani said...

Thanks Darla!

ScMomma, you are so funny girlfriend!
Keeping mosquito fish(FC will know the real name of them)in the pond really helps keep them down.

Unknown said...

I really,really want a pond,but hub's keeps telling me that we have too many raccoons to have one.I'm thinking he's just saying that to keep from digging one for me.

Anonymous said...

Dani this is beautiful! Love the flowers around the edges!

Note to ScMomma, if you keep the water moving with a waterfall or other type of pump, the mosquitos aren't a problem. Fish, too keep the larvae at bay. And both of you have kids the right ages for a pond like this. Ours was a great babysitter when our girls were young! they spent hours out there playing and exploring.

Anonymous said...

that's it. im moving in with you. do you have an area thats not teaming with life where i can set up my tent?
move over, SC momma tee hee

R.Powers said...

Gambusia ... one of my favorite fish... A mosquito nightmare.

That is beautiful Dani!

Dani said...

Chris, what about a small molded plastic one? That might be easier to do.

Thanks Laura! We had a big Egret fly over the house last week and I thought of you. :)

Chickory, tent? Nah, not for you girlfriend. We'd set you up good in the house.

Thanks FC! I still suffer from rock envy. You had such nice pieces when you did the pond for Mrs.FC.

Anonymous said...

Hey Small Chickee Dani!
Have you acquired parts of the neighbors Yards? Short Kid, there is no way you have any dirt left.Where did you get the space?
good to talk to you today. Miss you

Dani said...

Mom, sorry we couldn't talk longer. :( The afternoons are kinda crazy around here. Love yah!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed when anyone stops to appreciate the Spiderwort.

Unknown said...

I love Spiderwort and had some by my pond too. :) You have a great, well established pond! PS -I'm not a jewelry girl either. :)

fishy said...

A POND!!!!!!
Fishy's love a good pond and yours looks interesting, almost like a small stream. Every time I visit here I think, Florida, Florida, Florida, must make a trip to Florida.

Think I'll go check the airline schedules .... lovely post Dani.

Dani said...

Paulie, they are so pretty, how could you not?

Lisa, leaves us more money for other toys!

Fishy, I love my Florida. It's been so pretty here this week too. Windows open and the breeze blowing. Paradise!

Big Shamu said...

That old tom turkey would fit so well here. But please, he needs a girlfriend so bad.

Dani said...

Shamu, that turkey was gorgeous! Such a proud looking character.