Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gardening in the Front Yard

Mystery plants. Cauliflower?

Marigolds and Costata Romanesco Squash.

Sweet peppers.

Tomato blossom.

Black Cherry Tomatoes.

This spring, we decided to start planting in the front yard. With lots of space and wonderful full sun, it makes the perfect place for the vegetables to flourish.


Prospero said...

When did you start your tomatoes and peppers? Mine are tiny. Are you super early because you think the big heat will wipe them out (or because you like tomatoes as soon as possible)? I'm in Bermuda (similar to Florida) and new at vegetable growing. It's also very windy where I'm at and my tomatoes never seem to survive the March gales (so I wait).

Dani said...

Prospero, I started the tomatoes at the end of Jan. and the peppers the end of Febuary. I thought if I started early, it might cut down on the diseases and other funky stuff that comes with the super hot summers. :)

Unknown said...

Oh now you're really rubbing it in! Tomato blooms? Really? Insane I tell you. :)

Unknown said...

Lovin' this time of year,in florida.Our tomatoes are starting to ripen.w00t!As are our peppers,onions,lettuce and radishes.
Can't wait for that first homegrown salad.

Sandcastle Momma said...

I swear you have some seriously green thumbs! Your yard must be gorgeous!

Meems said...

Your plants are all looking very healthy.

I'm already eating salads from the garden.

I say plant wherever the conditions fit. This year I've added vegetables to my landscaping beds in the back yard in addition to where I have the designated veggie garden in the side yard... when you run out of room and/or sun you have to find new places. Besides when we do that our the veggies become more like gardens to be enjoyed - not just worked. I LOVE the foliage of vegetables.

Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

Dani said...

Lisa, the mild weather seems to go by so quick here. Soon, it will be crazy hot and we'll be hiding inside.

C&J, salads are the best when they come from our own gardens!

ScMomma, it would be nicer if the chickens would stop tearing everything up! I love em' but goodness they drive me crazy!

Meems, I love your veggie garden that you started. It's so wonderful looking.

Unknown said...

Well that's a great idea, everything looks wonderful!

R.Powers said...

Wow Dani! You sure have a green thumb. Your plants always look so healthy and vigorous.

Susan said...

Another gardener after my own heart. My next door neighbor made fun of me for growing tomatoes in the front bed. This year I invited him over to see the bush beans growing in the frontyard. I just had to rub it in a little. :-)

Your crop looks good!

Kate and Crew said...

Nice looking veggie plants Dani! I have some flowers on two of my tomato plants too, but I'm getting the vibe that the evil bugs are about to return. I'm thinking of giving my garden a BT bath this week, just in case. Did I ever ask you what part of Florida you're from??? (I think I did, but I can't remember my own name these days).

Dani said...

Darla, the front yard gets all that good sun. Seems a shame to waste it just growing grass.

Thanks FC!

Susan, I think we'd be great friends in real life. :)

Kate, I'm getting the same buggy vibe. I keep checking the plants, but nothing yet.