Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - South of the Border

For this week's Dim Sum Sunday - South of the Border, we decided to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant Casa Tina's.

It's a cool, kid friendly place to eat, with lots of food to choose from.

I ordered the Mole Poblano, which is my favorite.

A yummy combination of chocolate and chilies. Slightly sweet with just a little bit of spice.
My feel good comfort food.

Arroz Cabezon

Hubs went with the Arroz Cabezon. A mix of pork and chicken in pibil sauce, with guacamole and pickled red onions on the side.

Love the artwork!

Thanks again Shamu for hosting another fun Dim Sum Sunday!


Big Shamu said...

Too funny that first picture. Looks like great minds think alike. Those dishes look really good. Are they really spicy? I agree about the artwork, lots of fun. What a great Dim Sum Sunday.

chickory said...

my kinda place. the calaveras and the laughing Katrina. hahahaha! death! it laughs at you. while you eat choc and chile. mmmmmmmm

Dani said...

Shamu, I said the same thing when I saw what you had up. :)

Mine was very mild, but I know Hubs said his had a little bit of spice to it.

Chickory, I knew you'd like it!
I kept thinking one of your paintings would feel right at home hung up inside there.

Buzz Kill said...

Nothing is more appetizing than pictures of skelletons. Grrrhahaha.
Looks like a nice place and the rice and refried beans look great. Thanks for sharing.

h said...

Looks likea a nice place and the paintings are very chickoryish.

Dani said...

BuzzKill, the rice and beans are wonderful! Yummy, yummy,
yummy! Makes me hungry now just thinking about them.

Troll, we're not really the eat out type, but we make an exception for Casa Tina's. :)

Unknown said...

Looks like they give you lots of great food!

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm jealous. We still haven't found any good Mexican around here. We tried a new place on Saturday, it was just "OK", not something to get excited about. BTW - I'm still lovin' your photos.

Dani said...

Lisa, we missed you in bloggerland! Glad you and Hubs had a good vacation.

4thborn, everytime we go now, I think of you all. Miss yah!