Monday, August 24, 2009

Sowing Vegetable Seeds for Fall

Seeds planted so far:

Oroma~ Italian Sauce Tomato

Viva Italia Hybrid~ Italian Sauce Tomato

Plum Dandy~ Hybrid Italian Sauce

Scotia~ Ultra- Early Red Tomato

Beaverlodge Plum~ Ultra-Early Tomato

Sun Leaper Hybrid~ Early Tomato

Flame HillBilly~ Striped Tomato (West Virginia heirloom)

Cheddar Hybrid~ Cauliflower

Graffiti Hybrid~ Cauliflower

Brocoverde~ Cauliflower

I still need to order some broccoli, kale and lettuce seeds, but at least I'm off to a good start for the fall planting season. :)


Darla said...

Dang you make me ill!!! My husband is out right now trying once again to cut trees for more sun on our veggie garden....I think all of the flowers are where the veggies should have went.....sigh!

Dani said...

Darla, I have the same problem in the backyard garden. :( Just not enough sun for the veggies to really flourish.

Big Shamu said...

You sure do love your tomatoes don't cha? Or getting ready to try Tomato Water??? Don't do it, you have better things to do!!!!!

Dani said...

Shamu, hehehehe! You worked your booty off on that one!

I am a tad bit obsessed about tomatoes. But this time I have BIG plans. Gonna make my own sauces(I hear Hubs laughing already). Well, atleast I'm gonna try.... :0

Big Shamu said...

Spaghetti, salsa, chili, sun dried tomatoes, tomato leather...

Is there a tomato alternative to gasoline?

chickory said...

cool!! im doing: radish, beet, cabbage, spinach,lettuces,carrot and broccoli. and some kind of flower. maybe poppy since they like it cool.

Erin said...

Tomatoes in fall, wow! By now I am so sick of them, my husband is ripping out one of the beds as I type..although I do have 2 more, lol! The ones getting ripped out are the hybrids, though...definitely keeping my heirlooms!

Dani said...

Sham, how do you store your sun dried tomatoes?

Chickory, I can't wait to see your fall/winter garden!

Is there some secret to growing beets that I'm not aware of? Darn things die on me every time!

Erin, you've had an awesome season!
I loved seeing all the pictures of your veggies.

I'm trying out some of the ultra early types that can handle some cooler weather. I'm thinking they'll do great in our winters here.

Unknown said...

Dang, I always forget you can do that down there! Yum!

LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Dani, you probably know by now that I garden vicariously thru you! haha! Best gardening I've ever had was when I lived in California, man, you could grow everything there.

I would have thought that it's too warm down here to grow beets, being a Michigander where they grow so many beets they make sugar! But, I remember I had the sweetest beets in my CSA share last year...what about fennel too? Is it too warm for that?

Dani said...

Hey Diva, right about now is the best time to be starting the fall crops. Beets, fennel, collards, broccoli, and other cold hardy veggies. They just love our mild winters!

LaDivaCucina said...

I live on the sixth floor in a high rise with a north facing balcony. I get a little bit of sun in the summer but not enough to even grow a lemon tree! And the wind can be fierce as well as the salt that comes from the bay! So, all I can really have are a few shade annuals in pots that I switch out every few months when they get too big! :o(

So I look forward to seeing your 'maters and how they do! I'm JEALOUS, girl!!!