Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ Critters and Us

(a picture of us to appease the parents :0)


threecollie said...

Nice photos, every single one. I especially love the one of you and Elizabeth. Well done!

Erin said...

wonderful images, as usual!

Darla said...

Could have done without the snake!! You and your daughter are beautiful.

Big Shamu said...

Mr. Snakie (not snackies, thank you very much!)looks quite handsome.

You guys are so cute with your bad selves.

Dani said...

Threecollie, I'm thinking of you today. :) I hope it all turns out well.

Thanks Erin! I love taking pictures of everything around us.

Sorry Darla. Next time I'll put up a warning. :)

Sham, I have two ringnecks that I keep as pets. I'm thinking they might be male and female. So hopefully one day, I'll have some little baby ringnecks. That would be SWEET!

Big Shamu said...

Well if that happens I'll have to amend Casa de Chickens and Butterflies to Case de Chickens, Butterflies and Ringnecks.

Just how many babies do they have?

Dani said...

Sham, and the green tree frogs, the fish, BunBun the wonder rabbit, Kitty our diabetic cat, and hamster Bob. It's wild here. ;0

I know they're egg layers, but I'll have to look up the clutch size.

Dani said...

Sham, email me your address. I promise I'm not a stalker. :)Just have a little something to send you.

Warning: I'm a horrible procrastinator so it could be a couple weeks.

Unknown said...

You suckered me in the with dragonfly - then scared the beejeebers out of me with the snake! Lovely creatures all - but you and your daughter are the loveliest of all!

Big Shamu said...

Stalkers I can handle...snakes in the mail I cannot.
Email coming.

Anonymous said...

Spectacular images, Dani! Even I could appreciate the snake image, as much as I can't appreciate the snake. (I know they get a bad rap, sorry)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I'm glad to see a pic with you & Elizabeth...Love it!


Dani said...

Thanks Lisa!

4th, I love you even more for that. :)
Been missing you girls something awful. The beach isn't nearly as fun.

Jenn, I stopped over to see you, but you weren't home. Maybe we can hook up before the weekend.

Sham, got your email. Let the stalking begin. bhahahha

Anonymous said...

Before you came to live with us,I had this vision, lots of pink and frills. Didn't happen...You Overran two brothers, took their trucks, wouldn't wear the frills,had to be jeans wrecked the house,scared me to death on any given day; and you're still doing it. Why???LOL
Love you baby girl. Mom

LaDivaCucina said...

YOU are so damn cute!!! And so is your daughter! Thanks for
(I love perving on your garden, it's my virtual garden!)