Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ollie Cuteness

Some of Ollie's favorite things so far:

Palm tree nuts

Little girl socks

Rabbit food

Smelling Kitty's butt

Running with laundry

Tipping the water bowl

Chewing the library books

Elizabeth's stuffed animals


threecollie said...

Ollie sounds like a fine lad! When Nick was that age we called him the silver-eyed underwear shark. Thankfully he outgrew that stage!

Big Shamu said...

I'm quite certain that particular list is going to get longer. Kitty Butt is a particular favorites of Dogs the world over.
He might kill me with cuteness overload.

Big Shamu said...

By the way, I'm not sure if that second picture with the stuffed toy is considered Safe for Work.

Dani said...

ThreeC, I am amazed at all the things they want to put in their mouths!It's crazy!

Maybe this is my payback for all the times I snickered at FC and Bear. ;)

Dani said...

Shamy, cute and goofy, that is definitely Ollie right now.

Kitty is slowing warming up to the boy, but she could really do without the butt sniffin'.

Dani said...

Next time I'll put up a NSFW disclaimer. ;)

Big Shamu said...

Let's just hope for Kitty's sake that it doesn't turn into a butt obsession like Coco's ball obsession.

Do they have counseling for cats?

Dani said...

I can't wait to see Coco'c new toy in action! It just might be the thing to save Boxer's sanity.

R.Powers said...

He's beautiful!!
This is my first look I couldn't get the pics to load the other day.
He is going to be so much fun.

Sandcastle Momma said...

How do the chickens like him?
He is really a beautiful dog.

moi said...

That is one seriously cute puppy. And how lucky ducky are you? I've never met a standard poodle I haven't liked. They are by and large a tremendously joyful and easy-going breed, many of them with a silly sense of humor, too. Oh, what an adventure for you!

Island Rider said...

Ah, he's so cute! We had a Doberman that ate a pair of panty hose once. They came out the other end on their own fortunately or we would have had to send him to surgery!

Unknown said...

Ollie is just beautiful! I love him so much even from here! Even if he does love to smell kitty's butt! :)

Darla said...

I just want pick Ollie up and cuddle in that fur!!

Darla said...

Re: Kool aid hair dye---Dani the girls were begging to do my hair, it's blonde and comes down to the middle of my back...Heck no! I would have a sticky mess for weeks!

Susan said...

Adorable puppies! I mentioned your blog in my recent post at: http;//

Dani said...

Moi, and a great adventure it's going to be!

ScMomma, he got a little carried away last night, but today he was back to being a good pup.

FC, I think we made a good choice. :)

Cathy, that's what I'm worried about. And Elizabeth's little socks could get stuck in there so easily.
Feels like I have a toddler again in the house.

Lisa, we've had many talks today about saying "NO" to the butt sniffin'.

Darla, I hope you took lots of pictures of the girls today. :)

Thank you Susan for the kind words in your post.
It's a great list of blogs that you put together.

Making Space said...

Ollie is a dollie. Sweeeeet.

Anonymous said...

He' so beautiful. Poor Kitty.I'm suprised that she hasn't swatted him yet. I'll try for a letter sometime this week.I have some pics and a couple recipes I think you'll enjoy.

Laura said...

She's adorable!!! I had a friend that had a standard poodle and she was just the sweetest dog around. They sure make good family dogs! I bet Elizabeth is loving this one. :)

LaDivaCucina said...

Ollie looks like a huge plush toy! What a nice doggy for Elizabeth to grow up with!