Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Was a Good Day

There were presents to open.

Sweet Ricotta Cake to eat.

We cooked a yummy ham too, with an old fashioned mustard and honey glaze using the mustard that Shamy sent us. Thanks girlfriend, it was awesome stuff!

Christmas lobsters to gnaw,

and hamsters to chase.

I hope each and everyone of you had a beautiful day yesterday. Lots of hugs and kisses.



Big Shamu said...

OMG how funny and cute is Ollie and Devil Moving Hamster? So glad I could be there in Culinary Spirit. That ham sounds very yummy.

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Dani said...

Sham, I about lost it when the thing mooed!lol.

Your mustard really made that recipe shine. Thank you again for sending me some.

R.Powers said...

Sweet! Looks like a great day!

Buzz Kill said...

Oooooh, I see the chef got a new pressure cooker. I hope we get to see the results.

Merry Christmas.

threecollie said...

Merry Christmas! The video is hilarious! And your house looks so lovely and cozy.

Dani said...

FC, it was. :)

Buzz, they even bought me the jars, funnel, and tongs to go with it. WOOOOHOOOO! I am a happy women.

Thanks ThreeC. It was a rainy day here yesterday. Perfect for being cozy indoors with the family.

Granny Annie said...

What a great day! Love the video of Ollie and the remote critter. I am lusting after your beautiful hardwood floors!

Big Shamu said...

WhoooHOoo, now the blog is going to be named Canning under the Florida Sun. Hey that Sweet Ricotta cake looks good, what's in it? Blueberries?

Dani said...

Sham, they're mini chocolate chips. Yuuuuummy!

Sandcastle Momma said...

That does look like a great day.
That last picture is perfect - it captures the feel of a wonderful day.

Making Space said...

That looks so beautiful! Glad you had a great day. That cheese cake looks insanely good! I'm late to the party but Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Glad you had a good Christmas! I lvoe that pup got a present too!

sparringK9 said...

grrherhahahahaha to ollie! and what a charming home as i knew it would be. you make a wonderful place, Dani. that pie with the christmas tree on it? so sweet. Happy New Year to you grrrrrl. and by the way...loved the photos of the girls a few posts down.

Darla said...

Love the photo of your daughter on the floor playing!! The hamster chase was darn cute too!!

Dani said...

Annie, putting the hardwood floors in was one of the best things we ever did! So much easier taking care of wood than carpet.

ScMomma, my bones ache just thinking about laying on a hardwood floor. lol.

MS, Happy New Year to you too! :)

Lisa, we usually get the critters a little something every year for Christmas. This year I told Kitty I was putting a ribbon around her insulin bottle. $120 a pop for that stuff. *Ouch*

K9, I've missed you dog. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. :)

Darla, Happy Birthday to you!!

Miz S said...

That dog is too damn cute.

Kate and Crew said...

Awww...great photos. Ollie is a goofball! I can't believe that thing wasn't in his mouth though!

Big Shamu said...

I had to come back and watch the Poodle Dance.

Jenny said...

Happy New Year Dani.

Your dog is one seriously cute pooch. I loved the video.

LaDivaCucina said...

Ok, I've been by at least three times and have not commented yet. Don't know why but here we go:

1. Your daughter is sooooo adorable with Ollie a very close second. He looks like a cartoon character, that vid cracked me up!

2. Ricotta cake: Oh yeah!!! I imagine with a bit of orange and not too sweet?

3. The glass next to your door reminds me of our house in Michigan in the 70's. Was your house built then or in the 60's? Or is that new? I like the light/colours coming through.

Happy New Years, sweetpea! All the best to you and yours for a happy, healthy and fertile (your garden!) New Year!

Dani said...

Miz S, he is!

Kate, if I would have kept filming, you would have seen him nab the little devil and take off with it.

Shamy, we keep watching it too. Ollie is one dancin' poodle for sure.

Boxer, Happy New Year to you too. May this one be a great one for you.

Diva, I'm wanting to say the house was built in 63, but I'm not certain. I am surprised that we've lived here for eight years and we haven't broken them. The glass seems so thin when you touch it...hopefully, I didn't just jinx myself. :)

The Ricotta Cake calls for diced citron, but I don't like the texture of it. I do think it would taste good though with a little hint of orange in it.
Happy New Year to you too Diva. xoxo.