Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ebay Treasure

A few weeks ago, I ran across these two items in eBay. An old handmade postcard book, filled with linen postcards that I instantly fell in love with. And the other one was a 1957 yearbook from my dads high school.

The postcards were in great shape, except in the corners where they had been taped down.

I paid 60 dollars for the yearbook.

I didn't know what I'd find, but turning the pages I came to this picture of the photography club. And sitting right next to the only girl, is my daddy with his black framed glasses. I swear I felt my heart break a little, but in a good way. Turns out, that 60 dollars gave me a gift that is now priceless.

A never before seen picture of my dad.


chickory said...

that is so cool you found your dad in the yearbook. i love those old linen postcards. i have a bunch from McKees jungle garden in Vero Beach and Cypress Gardens. when the girls in the little outfits would ski like a cheerleader formation.

Granny Annie said...

That yearbook story gave me chills. How sweet that would be to find my dad's old school pictures. Does it worry you that the girl next to him looks terrified? LOL

Some people don't like eBay but that is just because they don't know how to shop there. I love it always check there first for what I need.

Dani said...

Chickory, we would have the best time going through each others collections!
I still lust after your old bird books.

Granny, yeah, I laughed about that too. Poor girl. lol.

I have all my dads class pictures up until when my grandmother died. I think he was in 10th grade when she passed. After that, not much was kept.

I like ebay. I mostly search for Florida stuff and anything from the little town I was born in. That's how I came across the yearbook.

Erin said...

great finds! I went through my parents' old box of pics once and found one of my dad standing next to his '69 Charger with my mom sitting on the hood of the car (they were high school sweethearts)... I now have custody of that pic! I was so afraid it would get thrown away by mistake I insisted to my mom it was safer with me, lol!

Darla said...

Well if this made my heart skip I can't imagine what yours did!! GREAT find girl!

Buzz Kill said...

That is a gaggle of Nerds. Poor Virginia Bennett looks like she's ready to fall off the bench. I use to work with a guy who collects yearbooks. Anybodies yearbook. He has hundreds of them (as I found out a few years ago when he asked me to help him move - filled my whole pickup). Everyone thought he was crazy (and he actually is) until he came accross several copies of Bruce Willis' yearbook (South Jersey native). Sold them on ebay for several hundred dollars each - so who's crazy now?

Jenny said...

I love ebay. I love that you could reach out and find a little bit of your history. It made me tear up.

I love the postcards. Do you collect? I have ones from the NY World's Fair. Litttle pieces of art!

Dani said...

Erin, you should put it up sometime.
We all loved seeing your old pics that you posted a few months ago.

Darla, there was a lot of crying and shaking.

The Photography Club!!! Now I know where my love of taking pictures comes from.

Buzz, I know!! I had the best laugh over that. She is like right on the very edge of that bench.

"Gaggle of Nerds" hahhahahhahaha! You kill me Buzz!

Dani said...

Boxer, ((hugs)):)

I first started collecting postcards when I saw some that my sister had. They were so pretty that I was instantly hooked.

R.Powers said...

You struck it rich!

threecollie said...

That is so incredibly cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dani,

Now, THAT is cool! I love Ebay myself.

Enjoy your new treasures.


Anonymous said...

Dani, thanks for sharing with all of us. Your posts are often the sweetest part of my day. What a great treasure you found in that yearbook!
(let's hear it for Ebay. I'm waiting on a package myself; for the little chess geek in me, a book titled The Art of Chess. oh no, I think I might have bought myself a valentine's gift. Does that mean the romance is completely over? ;-)

Dani said...

FC, yep, I sure did!

ThreeC, I still can't believe I ended up with such cool treasure!

Patti, you really can find some awesome stuff on there.

Ria, I love you so much sis. Thank you for always being here.

I am so not answering that question about the romance being over! No way in hell! lol

Susan said...

I love to collect old Florida postcards and souvenirs. You found some really neat cards. I love to frame them and hang them on the wall. This past Friday I bought a collection of 4 Florida souvenir glasses and a hanging banner with all the old attractions on it at Renninger's antique extravaganza.

Unknown said...

Such cool finds!!! I love those postcards and the album! And how neat to find a new photo of your dad!

Wicked Gardener said...

Wow! Very cool!!