Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Seed Sowing

~Cauliflower ~
Graffiti Hybrid (purple)
Cheddar (orange)

Super Marzano
Aker's West Virginia
Black Krim
Flame Hillbilly

Romanesco Italia
Purple Peacock

Red Creole
Crimson Red

Red Chidori
Nero Di Toscana

~ Cabbage~
Red Acre
Early Jersey Wakefield

Gladiator Hybrid

~Florida Native Plants~
Purple Love Grass
Yelloweyed Grass
Rattlesnake Master


the dogs' mother said...


Darla said...

Wow, someone (Elizabeth) has been busy, :)

Buzz Kill said...

You've got to show us what a Flame Hillbilly looks like when it's all grown up.

Big Shamu said...

You need to write yourself a banjo seed sowing tune.

Dani said...

Will it make my Heirloom West Virginia seeds grow better?

Susan said...

Looks like you are prepared for the fall garden.

Amber said...

I have a box like that too. :) It gets a little overwhelming for me.

threecollie said...

How incredibly wonderful to be planting now!

Sharon Rudd said...

Looking forward to your new garden to tide me over our dismal winter. I'd love to know what Rattlesnake Master looks like :)

Big Shamu said...

Yes but they will come in missing some teeth.

Dani said...


Eggy, next post I'll put a picture up of it.

Jenny said...

and in the PNW we're just reaping what we sowed in May. :-)

Florida is apparently ramping up for another season?



I'm soooo far behind.....

Dani said...

SPP, it's ok girlfriend. You can still do your cold weather greens and lettuces for a while yet. I'd stay away the squash and melon types though.

chickory said...

wow. impressive. I cant wait. rattlesnake master sounds promising. red krims a great mater. that flame hillbilly? lives down the street from me.

MakingSpace said...

I get very excited about your garden! Have fun!

Terry and Linda said...

AAhhhh the spring of are gearing up and we are winding down.

I think I'll move down there.