Monday, February 16, 2009

Snippets from the Garden

White Egg Turnips

Yummy, tart strawberries.

Em's Mystery Beans from Costa Rica are doing great!

Pink Beauty Radishes


threecollie said...

Nice to see wonderful garden stuff, thanks!
If you get a chance, drop by, you might recognize the photos I have up today...

Unknown said...

I see an awesome salad growing! :)

Aunty Belle said...

loely! Yore gardne din't take too bad a hit in the cold?

I'se replantin' , but some few thangs survived--potatoes made it

Happy gardnin' to you Dani!

sparringK9 said...

very nice. i love that egg turnip but the color of those turnips is divine.

sparringK9 said...

btw, did you find Cotton a home?

Dani said...

Threecollie, It's so nice to have our winter veggies right now. Soon it will be too hot and I'll miss them.

Lisa, if only I liked radishes!!

Aunty, no, everything weathered well. Our yard sure was colorful with all the sheets covering the plants.

K9, yes, we still have Cotton. Want him? ;)

fishy said...

Those look like geraniums behind the picture of the beautiful egg turnip. I LONG for beautiful flowers in the Winter one of the things I miss most about FL.
Visiting your posting at the end of a long Monday is a treat ... those photos are beautiful and inspiring, I adore the color of your radishes... they look like nature's bouquet of valentines :-)

Unknown said...

Very well done. Wish I have snippets from the garden!!

Dani said...

Fishy, I can't imagine how stir crazy y'all must feel in the winter months.

I was so excited about the radishes, until I bit into one. WOW! They're quite the hot little morsel.

Darla, do you do a veggie garden?