Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So Happy Together


Sandcastle Momma said...

That's the sweetest picture. She looks like a happy girl.

Unknown said...

That's a sweet photo!!

Dani said...

ScMomma, she is a happy little one with a heart of gold.

Darla, Elizabeth LOVES the chickens! They're such a spoiled bunch.

Susan said...

She's so lucky to be able to enjoy nature and the outdoors.

Unknown said...

How cute! My daughter always loved our birds too. :) I have pictures of her as a toddler chasing a ababy turkey. :)

threecollie said...


Aunty Belle said...

Gracious, those chickens won the family lottery when they landed on a perch near you folks!

Sweet picture--hope ya ain't got icicles on yore noses....we is frozen up heah in Orange County.

Dani said...

Susan, she loves being outside and close to the beach. A water baby for sure!

Lisa, do turkeys have good personalities?

ThreeCollie, I say the same thing when I see your big kids with the cows.

Aunty, yeah, it's a tad cold here, too. My cabbages look like they had a little damage, but I'm hoping it's just the outer leaves.

Those chickens are spoiled rotten! This morning to warm their bellies they had warm Kashi oatmeal with bananas. They don't know how good they got it!

Anonymous said...

now THAT's what i call childhood. well done.

Unknown said...

Nothing better in life than connecting with nature around us, and living in harmony with it. The photo says it all.

Amy said...

Hi Dani,

I had written in for your help identifying an owl after your pictures of them one day. I found out which owl it was, quite randomly, and wanted to share with you the odd non-typical-owl-noises they've been making around my house.
If that doesn't work. It was a Barred Owl pair that call to each other and has been described as "Sometimes the call escalates into a weird cacophony of howls and quacks that sounds like a Chihuahua with a duck stuck in it's throat." Stay Warm!

Dani said...

Such sweet words Chickory. Thank you. :)

Robert, nature rocks!

Amy, that is so cool that you get to listen to them at night!

fishy said...

Hi Dani,
What a precious child! I expect she is a bright light in your life. I think it is awesome she has the opportunity to be a kid in a natural environment. Seems to me these days the lives of children are too prescribed without sufficient free time to think in relationship to being.
No doubt she will grow up and tell her grands about the wonderful times she spent in a garden exploring the interests of chickens.
Nice of you to drop in at the Pond this week. Glad you found the storytelling of the froth entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Chickens are fun to think about. And the migrating birds are at a peak. I saw several hundred Sandhill cranes yesterday.