Monday, March 2, 2009

Garden Pictures and More Seeds

Pea Flower



Okay, I know I don't need any more seeds, but with a pile of seed catalogs to browse, I find that rational thought (my yard is the size of a postage stamp) goes out the window. So here are this weeks purchases:

1 - Pineapple Tomatillo

2 - Golden Crown Watermelon

3 - Pot O Gold Carrot

4 - Rosa Bianca Eggplant

5 - Listada de Gandia Eggplant

6 - Sunberry

7 - Noir des Carmes Melon

8 - Flame Lettuce


Aunty Belle said...

oh wow! I want a tour of your garden!!

The pea flower? is it a real pea or ornamental? I have something similar--very lovely, but it is an ornamental.

I have not heard of these eggplant varieties--sounds gorgeous--wha a talent ya has!!

Dani said...

Aunty, the pea flower is from either the Oregon Snap or the Little Marvel. I have a bad habit of not labeling things after I plant them. :)

Sandcastle Momma said...

You have the greenest thumb! Your yard must be absolutely gorgeous.

Unknown said...

And what a great postage stamp you will have!! No room for weeds.

Dani said...

ScMomma, my favorite place is the backyard. I love sitting by the pond and talking to the chickens. Best therapy around.

Darla, I like your way of thinking!

threecollie said...


Aunty Belle said...

you are up early! Is the cawfee ready?

Seen ya at Chickory.
How does ya protect yore own chicks?

Dani said...

Aunty, come on over and have a cup with me! :)

My heart was breakin' this morning when I read about Red. Poor sweet girl.

We have a Red-Shoulder Hawk that has attacked both Vera and Laverne before. Not much to be done about it. My big girls cry and cackle if we try and keep them in their coop, so that's not a good option. Mostly, I pray that the hawk gets bored and goes somewhere else.

sparringK9 said...

where is the comment i left yesterday?

boy, that sweet pea bloom is a pretty little cheerful thing! i love it. what a bounty of food you have. just an amazing thing to me.

thank you Dani, for your kind words about Red. like you, i cannot keep the chicks penned always. we allow them to free range quite a bit. the risk of predation is the trade off for freedom.

Dani said...

K9, I went back into my email and checked, but nothing there or in the junk folder either. Strange.

We have said the same thing about our girls and having them out. Thankfully, the hawk has easy pickins right now with all the Starlings in town. He's welcome to those nasty buggers! GRRR

Meems said...

Oh Dani, you are addicted... it is easy to get addicted to seeds. I just got some more in the mail yesterday, too. Must stop!

I like your little blossoms. Now I must get outside and enjoy this beautiful day in the garden. Must stop blogging.
Have a great day!

fishy said...

Cheered me up no end to visit this posting!
Here at the Pond we are suffering the afteraffects of 5" of ice and snow. Since we are in the Carolinas, our services do not include preparedness for these sorts of random weather events.

The giant Magnolia tree gracing our front yard has about a third of it down, laying across our brick walkway to the house. Haven't been able to move enough of it yet to see if it fractured the walkway.
There is a tree down in the back blocking egress to the driveway, a tree limb that is laying on the powerline ripped from the pole mount and the house mount but not sparking and still providing services. That is a blessing, there are 30,000 properties in our county without power and below freezing temps at night.
Generally my little town looks a lot like Florida does after a bad hurricane but with snow and ice on top of the wreckage.

So visitng things looking healthy, green and blooming is a treat for this Fishy!

Dani said...

Fishy, you be careful out there cleaning up!
It's so scary when you have no power and below freezing temps.

Meems, I'm not sure which is worse, the seed catalogs or the chicken catalogs. :0

Unknown said...

Well, your postage sized yard sounds like a yummy place to be! Love those blueberry blooms!

marmee said...

how exciting to be getting all your seeds even if you have a postage stamped sized yard, plant away. have fun!

Dani said...

Lisa, they do have the prettiest blooms!

Marmee, I'm sure it seems dull to some, but I love nothing better than planting and taking care of plants.