Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - Fun Summer Drinks

Nothing says summer more than some nice frozen lemonade!

Again today, I had my two helpers who wanted to join in on the fun.

Which was so cool! Thanks you two!

I'm loving my two dollar ice cream maker!

I'm pretty sure though that Hubs feels a little differently about it than I do, since he's the one who has to crank it. ;)

Yummy, sweet and sour frozen Lemonade.

Just the right thing to cool you off on a hot afternoon.

Thanks again Shamu for another fun Sunday


Big Shamu said...

Sorry Hubs, perhaps I should put you on the massive Karmic Kitchen Payroll.
I love lemon and limeade. Frozen versions are even better although brain freeze is a hazard.
TWO DOLLAR ice cream maker??? I need to shop with you.

Happy Dim Sum Sunday

threecollie said...

Real citrus fruit! So awesome! A pair of beloved family members last week donated to us two grocery bags of real, Florida oranges, from someone's real Florida orange trees. They were green and brown and gnarly on the outside...oh, but the inside! Brilliant orange and bursting, exploding even, with sweet, tangy juice.
We ate or drank them all in days....and your lemonade sounds just as good...or maybe better!

Sandcastle Momma said...

That sounds delicious and what a wonderful way to spend the day!

Big Shamu said...

Why do I think lemonade in Florida tastes WAY better than anywhere else?

Dani said...

Big Shamu, he did the cranking and he painted the chicken coop for me! As a return, I'm gonna behave myself and treat the man right for the rest of the week. It will be a struggle, but I think I can do it. ;0

Threecollie, you just don't expect them to taste so wonderful, looking like that. But they sure do surprise us when we cut them open. Delish!! Glad you were able to have two whole bags to enjoy!

ScMomma, they were very good! Cooled us down quick!

Shamu, it's all our sunshine. Lemonade and sunny days just seem to go hand in hand.

Unknown said...

you know, I'm not a big fan of lemonade but these look awesome!

LaDivaCucina said...

mmmm....could have used one of your lemonades after my long walk and bike ride this morning, man, if you don't get to it by 8am, you are HOT!

I'm SO JEALOUS of your fresh eggs. It seems like you live a peaceful life over on the gulf side!

LaDivaCucina said...

OH yeah, I'm up!