Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday - Summer Treats

This week for Dim Sum Sunday , we have Sweet Summer Treats to try.

Vanilla Ice Cream!

And not just any kind of Vanilla Ice Cream either, this recipe is close to a hundred years old, and comes from my Papa Duane's side of the family. How cool is that?! And since it's summertime sweets, we need some yummy Peach Cobbler to go with that wonderful, hand cranked ice cream.

My little helper, working on the crust.




Thanks for another fun Sunday Shamu!


chickory said...

that looks delicious! happy DSS!

Big Shamu said...

Next to blackberry cobbler, PEACH cobbler is my fav. Since it's always much easier to get wonderful juicy peaches guess which one I eat more of? It tickles me to no end to see the whole family getting in on Dim Sum Sunday although it looks like Husband of Dani (my face is red from not knowing his name) got the crank job. I always got stuck with that one so I can sympathize. I can't be trusted with the peaches, not enough would make it to dessert.
Thanks for a great Dim Sum Sunday.

Dani said...

Chickory, it was! I ate way too much!

Big Shamu, I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday!

Sweet John(sometimes Elizabeth)always helps me with DSS. It's his way of making sure I don't play with the knives and end up in the ER fingerless. :)
That would be a big bummer!

threecollie said...

Wow, just wow....that looks fantastic!

Aunty Belle said...


I'se always amused how kids who participate in somethi n; family scared -like, grows uop an' says,
"we ALWAYS had * * * * in the summer."

even when ya mebbe only did it a few times-- youse makin' grand memories, Dani.

Unknown said...

Gee thanks! I just gained 5 pounds looking at this!!

Unknown said...

Oh Yummy!! Eat some for me!

LaDivaCucina said...

I'm with Sham, I LOVES ME SOME PEACH COBBLER! AND...home made ice cream? Heavenly! I'm up too.

Anonymous said...

Yum! It looks great! It's making me hungry. I also want to let you know i sent you an email the other day so you can send me the pics of Alana.


fishy said...

Dani.....did you forget to include the peach cobbler recipe? Does it work just as well for blackberries?
Mine should be ready in about a week!

Dani said...

Threecollie, I'm thinking we need to make our own ice cream from now on. Delicious!

Aunty, she loves helping out. Sometimes it gets a little messy, but that's half the fun!

Darla, lol. Sorry girlfriend!;0

Lisa, I think I had enough for everyone! I'll be okay, but I don't know about my thighs.

Diva, headin' your way when I'm done. :)

Jenn, I'll try to get them out later this evening.

Fishy, if you click on the words "peach cobbler" in the text, it will take you right to it. :)

Anonymous said...

you're killing me with ice cream lust! I'll send you grandma lorie's recipe...Just as soon as I don't feel so faint. MY O MY LOl

Unknown said...

OMG!!That looks so good.What time should I come over?