Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday ~ In the Bag

For this week's Dim Sum Sunday, we went with this recipe from Alton Brown.

Salmon Fillet en Papillote with Julienne Vegetables

(sigh...I wish I could find a good indoor setting on my camera)

A nice and light dish of salmon and vegetables wrapped up in parchment. The only thing I did different, was bake the fish in the oven, instead of in the microwave.

Simple, simple, simple!

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Big Shamu said...

Salmon is such a great choice for this cooking method. I think I'm going to have to try this recipe, I like the orange flavor. Did you use the fennel and the vermouth? While Alton suggests the microwave, it just seems...wrong to do it that way. I like the oven. Thanks so much for joining in Dani. Did the family enjoy it?

Happy Dim Sum Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Looks good dani, I miss the choices that I had, I've been North too long. Speaking of which, I skipped over to Aunty Belle's Front Porch...What truly awesome pictures. Sometimes, I don't think that we realize what a beautiful home that we've been given. I thank her for the "Wow"factor of my day. Love you kiddo.

Darla said...

I am all about simple!

Dani said...

Shamu, I used everything except the vermouth. Instead, I used white wine.
I'm with yah on the microwave! Way too lovely of a dish to just pop it in the microwave.
Elizabeth hasn't been to keen on salmon lately, so she opted out. :)

Mom, yep, Aunty has a great blog over there on the front porch. love yah. Gotta run and get the girl ready for school. xoxo

Susan said...

Hi Dani, thanks for stopping by - a little secret with photography - always find daylight. I shoot all my photographs in a window or outside - there honestly isn't a good indoor setting unless your some fancy photographer in a studio with studio lights. Turn off your flash and set up near a window or outside on a table and I can guarantee you'll be much happier with your photos.
xo S & the Gang.

Salmon looks delicious - we love salmon

Big Shamu said...

Susan's right about the indoor setting on most cameras. No good choices. The only suggest I'd add is to experiment with your white balance setting, if it had one. That's the great thing about digital, no wasting film to only find out later just how much film you wasted.

Dani said...

Darla, you and me both!:)

Susan, I'm definitely doing outside shots only the next time!

Sham, that's a good idea about the white balance. I'll have to check it out.

I love having a digital! We would be spending a small fortune on film if we were still using an old style camera.

LaDivaCucina said...

I LOVE the colours of your dish and the dish it's on! So pretty and delicate, perfect for the dish! I've done a similar dish before, so yummy! I've done it in the microwave too, good for not heating up the house and for a quick dish but have to be careful not to overcook.

Hubby takes most of my piccies on the balcony to get the outside light otherwise everything comes out looking a bit red! Yay, kudos to digital cameras AND photoshop!

Happy DSS, you guys are making me want lunch for breakfast!