Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dim Sum Sunday ~ Pumpkins/Squash

For Dim Sum Sunday this week, we went with a wonderful Butternut Squash and Hazelnut Lasagna recipe.

Having never cooked butternut squash before, I was a little hesitant, but it went well and I loved every bite of it! A great autumn dish that I will definitely be making again.

Head on over to the Karmic Kitchen to check out some other yummy foods that our friends have cooked up.


Buzz Kill said...

That looks amazing. Did the butternut squash come from your garden? And how was it working with hazelnuts? I've never used them but have had coffe and desserts with that flavor and would like to try them someday. I'm trying to imagine this flavor combination and can't quite do it. Guess I'll have to try it myself.

Happy DSS!

Big Shamu said...

I didn't even think of lasagna. I'm glad you did. How were the hazelnuts? Not one of my favorites so I'm wondering how they worked in this yummy dish.
I love lasagna and this is a great vegetarian version that's a wonderful surprise.

Happy Dim Sum Sunday.

Dani said...

Buzz & Shamy, I was a little brain dead when I was putting this up tonight. I forgot to write that I had to substitute walnuts for the hazelnuts. I looked everywhere when I was shopping, but I couldn't find them in any aisle.

Still tasted awesome though. :)

Big Shamu said...

Ahhhh, I wondered about that. Hazelnuts are not your normal grocery store nut.
Hope you're ok.

Making Space said...

That looks fabulous! Congrats!

Darla said...

Don't think I would like the nuts in it..

LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Dani, Funny you tried this as I've always wanted to do this version of lasagna but what stopped me was the "mush factor." I'm glad you added the nuts for a bit of crunch and texture!

(I don't know why hazelnuts are hard to find, it $hits me as they are such a fabulous nut! I can never find fresh marjoram either, which also is amazing with pumpkin!)

I saw your post last night before I made dinner and was drooling! Looks SOOOO Good!

Great job and Happy DSS!!!

Unknown said...

It does look good. Tasty!