Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dim Sum Sunday ~ Snow Days

For this month's Dim Sum Sunday, we have the theme of Snow Days. Now here where I live in Florida, we don't get snow, but it does get cold.

And on those days, nothing tastes better than a bowl of delicious red lentil soup. Perfect with a loaf of crusty french bread and some fresh oregano and parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. You have a great warm your belly kind of meal.

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Big Shamu said...

Looks like a bowl of sunshine. How beautiful. Did you get a new bowl for Christmas? Hopefully you won't need belly warming soup too much longer.

Happy Dim Sum Sunday 2010!!!

Big Shamu said...

I was wondering if we were going to see chickens in little snow suits.

R.Powers said...

That looks great! A bit warmer today!

Making Space said...

That looks AMAZING!!!!

Dani said...

Shamy, yep, that's my Christmas Lotus Bowl. John looked for ages for a baking dish in that pattern to replace the one Ollie broke, but he just couldn't find any. Between you and me, the bowl ROCKS and gets much more use than the baking dish ever did.

HAHAHAHA. I almost picked up some of the snow suits for the tiny dogs in the sale bin the other day at Petsmart. But I figured the Girlz would lose their little chicken heads if I tried to stuff them into one.

FC, it has been HEAVENLY outside the last two days!

MS, great job on yours too girlfriend! :)

moi said...

Another wonderful soup! We eat soup like it's coming out of our ears in winter, and this one looks delicious. That's a beautiful bowl, too.

Buzz Kill said...

Soup seems to be the Dim Sum Sunday Meal this week. I see the fresh oregano on top and envy your garden. Most lentl soups I've had (although I've never made one) are basically brown bean soup. Your's is very colorful and appealing. Nice job.

LaDivaCucina said...

I love how the colours of the soup/carrots match the bowl, Sham is right, it's like a bowl of sunshine! (very appropriate for Florida!) YUM, Dani!

I have been working so hard and it's been so cold, I'm taking myself to the beach today. I have a million things to do but I don't care, that's why I live here! hmpf.

Dani said...

Moi, soup really is the best comfort food around.

Buzz, the color is what I love the most about the red lentils.

My poor oregano has been covered up with blankets the past week to protect it from the cold. It felt good to uncover it the day before and see that it was still green and healthy.

Diva, I hear yah girlfriend! We did the same thing Friday. Felt so good to be walking on the beach feeling the warm sunshine.

Unknown said...

It sure looks yummy!