Monday, January 4, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The Seed Catalogs are here! Woohoo!

Seeds ordered so far:

Ancho Magnifico Pepper

Holy Mole' Pepper

Mulato Isleno Pepper

Wonder Bell Pepper

Legend Tomato

Heinz Tomato

Viva Italia Tomato

Super Marzano Tomato

Beer Friend Bean

Nero Di Tuscana Kale

Redbore Kale

Brown Mustard

Bronze Fennel

Lemon Basil- Sweet Dani


threecollie said...

Oh, yes!!!! I don't have my Pinetree yet, but I'll bet it is down in town in the mailbox right now!!!

Susan said...

It looks like you're going to enjoy some yummy food at your dinner table this year. I do enjoy looking through the Baker Creek Heirloom & Southern Exposure Seed catalogs. Enjoy!

Erin said...

I hope your Beer Friend performs as well as it did for me here in VA. Outstanding! There was never enough, though... I am increasing my plantings 500% of that this year! You will love, love, love how well behaved, neat & tidy the plants look, too! Congrats on getting the kind of porn in the mail that doesn't require brown paper covering :)

Dani said...

ThreeC, I can just picture you curled up with some catalogs in your winter jungle room.

Susan, I like Southern Seed too. It one of the few I've ever come across that sells the green cottons.

Erin, you were the reason I ordered those beans! I knew how much you loved them...

Ah yes, garden porn. Baker Creek does those full color spreads too. NICE!

Darla said...

Someone's not wasting any time!!

Big Shamu said...

You gardeners crack me up. there a link between the uptick in potential seed orders and the receipt of a canner for Christmas?

h said...

Beer beans? THAT sounds good!

Erin said...

Pick 'em when they are full but still bright green... steam or boil for 10 minutes, cool, toss with a teeny drizzle of olive oil (makes the salt stick) and sea or Kosher salt, pour a beer and suck 'em out of the pods - HEAVEN! I grew 2 crops and NONE of them made it into the freezer this year! Nature's perfect snack!

Dani said...

Darla, I wanted to get them quick, quick before some of them sold out.

Shamu, no, but I think it's a great excuse to buy more seeds!BAHAHAHA!

Troll, I know Erin thinks they are, so I'm gonna give them a try.

Thanks a bunch Erin! :)

Sandcastle Momma said...

I can't wait to see what that green thumb of yours grows this year! Your garden is always an inspiration.

Granny Annie said...

So, is there a plant called Sweet Dani or was that your sign off? My husband is also rejoicing with all the seed catalogs.

Dani said...

Thanks ScMomma! Hopefully, this cold will let up by the weekend and I can gt out and start planting.

Granny Annie, Sweet Dani is a nice little Lemon Basil that's been around for awhile. Couldn't resist buying it since we shared the same name. Well, I'm really a Danielle but no one other than my daddy ever called me that.

Anonymous said...

And your Mama when you were ina LOT of troubleLOL (Danielle)
Hope to be there for Canning season
love you, pkg soon.

Unknown said...

You are so lucky to be able to garden all year long! I bet you have to use tons of fertilizer. :)

fishy said...

Oh My! I think i have seed ctalog envy. This past summer we had herbs, seedless blackberries, crab apples. yellow pear tomatoes and sweet bell peppers. I am trying to convince Blowfish we should have a real garden this year. Maybe not what y would call "crops' but certainly a larger variety of veggies.
Happy New year :-)