Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Girlz

It's a family portrait!
Yoko, Vera, Silky, Laverne, Peanut, and Cotton.

Ms. Silky rockin' her winter fluff.




Little Vera


threecollie said...

They are so very cute! Ours can't go out at all yet...too much snow and too many varmints.

Dani said...

ThreeC, seems like we're all waiting for spring.

chickory said...

your Vera is my Wren!! does she lay a green egg? i love the name "peanut" oh they are all so beautiful. i want a little black hen but i am afraid my husband will divorce me if i bring one more pet into this family. LOVE this post. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. and cotton! what a glorious fowl.

R.Powers said...

Great diversity!
I keep checking the feed store for the first chick arrivals.

Darla said...

I do have to say, you have the prettiest girls I have ever seen in a chicken coop!!

Dani said...

Chickory, I can't get over Wren laying green eggs! That is so cool.
Vera's are a light tan color.

Yeah, the Hubs reached their limit with the puppies.
But really, is one small hen or small-ish turkey really gonna make a difference at this point?

!Fight the Power!

FC, woohoo! New Bloodlines. ;0

Thanks Darla. :)

Big Shamu said...

Turkeys, peacocks....what's the difference?