Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dim Sum Sunday ~ Veggies

It's all about veggies for this weeks Dim Sum Sunday.

I decided to go with a soup using the beautiful Redbor and Tuscan Kale from the garden.

Tossed in some other veggies and added some stock. Little ditalini pastas too.

It's was a perfect meal for a chilly Sunday at home with a sick kid. :)

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MakingSpace said...

Oh I actually gasped looking at that beautiful kale!!!

My kids love that little ditalini pasta. Beautiful soup!!

Get well vibes to the sick kiddo...

Happy Dim Sum Sunday!

Big Shamu said...

Awwww, sorry to hear that your kidlet is sick but she's going to want some of that delicious soup. I absolutely love that you can just step out your back door and let your brain go crazy with possibilities. Those leafy greens are just amazing. Thanks so much for participating even though you were needed elsewhere.

Feel better Elizabeth!!

Dani said...

MS, not only are the kales pretty, but they taste wonderful too! I love those kinds of veggies. :)

Happy Dim Sum Sunday!

Shamy, she ate a whole bowl. Just worried now about her keeping it down. She gets coughing so hard and it triggers that gag reflex.

Loved your Kale Chips you did today too Shamy. Just didn't get a chance to comment on them.

Happy DSS!

Sharon Rudd said...

The veggies in your always such an inspiration, Dani! And that soup looks awesome. What I wouldn't give for a bowlful my own self as I battle a cold. Hope Elizabeth feels better soon!

Buzz Kill said...

Soup is a good way to sneak vegatables into the kids. That kale looks really good. Get well to Elizabeth.

Erin said...

beautiful! It's hard to imagine in my cold, dead yard that Spring is coming soon for us!