Saturday, June 28, 2008

Root- Knot Nematode

My eggplants and tomatillos have been looking pretty rough lately, so I pulled them up, and as you can tell by the photos it's root-knot nematodes. ( I had really been looking forward to those purple tomatillos ) I had some problems with the winter garden and I used a product made from chitin and right before planting this spring I applied it again. So I don't know ....... I'm going to plant some marigolds around the garden and see if that might help some. If nothing else, it'll bring some pretty colors to the vegetable beds.


Floridacracker said...

Sorry about your plants!

Laura said...

Girl, I thought *I* was taking too long to post! LOL!
I just updated today. (finally).
Hope the Nematodes haven't attacked your blog, too! ;)

Dani said...

The pressure! LOL!

Laura said...

LOL! looks like it worked!
Blogging does take time, tho. Sometimes.... too much time!