Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wapsipinicon Peach Tomato

This little heirloom comes from Iowa and is named for the Wapsipinicon River. Wonderfully sweet and very hardy. I definitely recommend growin this one. I started them from seeds and then transfered them over into a Earth Box. If you lack available space for gardening go buy one of these. They are just awesome. I was lucky enough to get this one as a gift, so maybe I'll pick up another and try some watermelons or cantalope.


4thborn said...

hmm. How come I didn't get to taste one of those? ;)
E. & E. bought plants yesterday, even a Big Boy Tomato for me! Let's hope it can grow on our deck.

Dani said...

Those were the ones we left for Mrs.S before going to the island. DARN!!! Big Boys are usually real good growers. I think you'll be happy with it. House is real quite this week, miss you.

Anonymous said...

What unusual tomatoes! There's a company-Just tomatoes. I wonder if they would have plants? I would love to grow some of these, but would have to do plants. Not long enough time tostart from seed.
If you want to try something different, re cantaloupe, there's a muskmelon called "banana muskmelon" My mother used to plant them in with the corn in our garden. It was always a treasure hunt for me,I was very young and the corn was really tall. They are so sweet and they smell like bananas-I swear. This is really fun. It's good to learn new things.Mom

Dani said...

I keep forgetting to go into settings and change the time. Please don't worry mom I'm getting plenty of rest. I think I came across that melon when I was on rare seeds website. I'll have to go back and check it out.

VitaminSea said...

You grow the most interesting fruits and vegetables!
I haven't had a chance to try the Earthbox out yet, but everyone who has one seems to love it. Maybe I'll get lucky and get one as a gift, too. ;)

Dani said...

I spend way to much time on rare seeds website!! Thankfully buying seeds is a cheap addiction.