Thursday, January 1, 2009

American Kestrel

Yesterday, we piled into the car and headed out to Fort Desoto. It is such a beautiful place to be, I often remark that when the time comes, I hope that my heaven will be like this (but maybe without all the snowbirds). Even with the extra people in the winter, you can still hike and play in the water and have the feeling of being alone. It's a great feeling to have in this land of concrete. But our mission yesterday was simple, Birds..Birds..Birds..and we were not disappointed. Our first sighting was this little female American Kestrel. I sometimes wish I was born with the ability to write, but I wasn't, so I can only say that she was pure beauty up on that wire signing her little song and scanning out over the land. Thank you, Big Guy for giving us this day and plenty more birds which I will share in the next few days (I have family and friends that have dial up, so I try to keep it short).


threecollie said...

Great photo! We only saw one kestrel on the bird count last week. They are getting so uncommon up here..

Dani said...

Three Collie, it was so fun reading your posts last week about doing the CBC! Easy for me to say though, I wasn't the one sitting next to the window getting rained on. ;)
Sad that so many critters anymore are becoming uncommon.

Unknown said...

that is way cool!!

Anonymous said...


Love, The Kelly's

Anonymous said...

A very good Kestrel pic. Reminds me that my Cockatiel scares the doves feeding outside my window.

R.Powers said...

I'm one of your dial up friends. Nice shot and post Dani.

I wonder what kestrels did before powerlines? It's the only place I ever see them!

Unknown said...

You are just having such great fun with the birds! I've only seen a Kestrel once and the wind prevented a good shot of him. :( Yours is lovely!

Aunty Belle said...

OOOH! How lovely. Doan know her song, but on Thursday we had a song we ain't heard afore ...alaways a thrill.

An' you yellow bellied sapsucker--wowe. )though, I gotta say, I always hear Bugs Bunny's voice when I read "yellow bellied sapsucker."

Happy New Year Dani!!

Unknown said...

My husband said he thought he saw one of these birds in our backwoods yesterday. Yes, I'll stencil your coop!!

Dani said...

Darla, I'm still smiling about it!

Love yah Jenn.

Paulie, they are a jumpy bunch of birds.

FC, I was thinking the same thing about the powerlines the other day!

Yes, you're one the dial up pack. :)

Lisa, we're just a little obsessed with the birdies.

Thanks Aunty! Happy New Year to you and Uncle.

Darla, come on over girlfriend!!lol

Molly said...

what a pretty bird! i wish i had the ability to identify birds. if only i could say, "hey kids! look - there's a such and such bird." maybe one of these days.

Dani said...

Molly, I'll teach you birds if you teach me knitting. :)