Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flower Seeds Planted

Flower seeds planted on Feb. 18, 2009:

Zinnia - Thumbelina Mixed Colors

Zinnia - Giant Double, Mixed Colors

Zinnia - Chippendale Daisy

Cosmos - Summer Dreams

Sunflower - Mammoth

Sunflower - Narrow-leaved

Pansy - Panola Sunburst

Pansy - Fire Dream

Purple Coneflower

Moonflower - Giant White


Unknown said...

You planted these outside? I have seedlings up outside and will be covering them up AGAIN the next two nights as we are dipping down in the mid 20's here in N. FL. URGH!

Dani said...

Darla, that bites!! I better check the weather and see how cold it's going to be here.

Most everything I plant goes into seed trays. That way I can keep them up and out of reach of the chickens.

Unknown said...

That's funny. Not out of the reach of squirrels, dogs or cats, chickens!

Tammie Lee said...

I have just looked at all your images on the front page of your blog ~ Wonderful! You have a lovely style.

Anonymous said...

*green with envy* Cold- 20 degrees with 35 mile an hour winds here in MD. We won't be thinking about planting for a while!

Unknown said...

Really afraid to plant seeds,yet.We have a possible freeze warning for tomorrow nite,here in Tampa.

Unknown said...

Well it's only going to be in the low 30's tonight, I guess it's tomorrow night that might be flirting with the 20's.

Dani said...

Darla, the chickens get into everything!

Tammie Lee, that's sweet. Thank you.

Tracy, that hurts just thinkin' about!

Chris & John, hey, I see you over at FC's! :) Hopefully, we'll do okay. I think I'll go ahead and bring in my other seed trays. Better safe than sorry.

fishy said...

Moonflowers are among my favorites! I plant them every year, although I can't plant them in zone 7 until after April 15th.
I first learned about this flower a few decades back when I read a book entitled "The Moonflower Vine", the descriptions of the family running outside at dusk to watch the flowers shake awake was just fascinating to me.
The reality is even more so...I kinda try to do real time version of time lapse photography but I have yet to capture the magic. I think I need to videotape the openings instead. Good luck with the plantings!

Sandcastle Momma said...

You're going to have to give me some pointers - I've planted several seed trays so far this year and nothing is coming up. I would think it's bad seeds but there are enough different kinds that I'm starting to think it's operator error LOL

R.Powers said...

Wow. Your place is going to glow!

Dani said...

Fishy, I love your idea of during a time lapse! I'll have to try it out when they get big.

ScMomma, I start out using a nice light soil made for starting seeds (most box stores carry it). Then fill the trays, don't pack the soil in tight, you want to keep it nice and light. Seed them, water lightly, and keep them warm. When they sprout make sure they get sun. Watch the moisture level and fertilize after they get a little growth on them and you should be on your way. :) Hope this helps.

FC, I hope so. The flowers are grown mostly for Elizabeth.

Unknown said...

Flowers?! You are killing me! :) Love that name Chippendale Daisy. :)

Dani said...

Lisa, sadly, I don't think they'll dance for us. ;)

Meems said...

Ah, Dani, you have been a busy girl. So many great flowers you've planted.

I LOVE to talk about seeds.I've got some veggie seeds in the ground but I was waiting for the last cold front a couple of nights ago before I put my wildflower seeds in the ground. I'm too lazy to start them in seed trays.

Can I bother you with a couple of questions (I'm thinking yay, someone in this area who knows about seeds)... Have you ever grown Cosmos before? I've just purchased my first Cosmos seeds but not sure they like our humidity. Will be mixing them in the veggie garden.

Was also wondering about your success with coneflower. I have some seeds but I'm not sure I'm patient enough to wait for the second year to get blooms.

My zinnias did great from seed last year so I will be sowing those again... and in more places.

Happy Sunday,

Dani said...

Hey Meems, I haven't grown the Cosmos before, but I've grown both the yellow and pink coneflower from seed with great success.

I hope my zinnias will grow as good as yours did last year. I lost a lot of mine from mildew.

Martha said...

Yeah, we're still cold here. I'm new at gardening since we're only moved 4 yers ago. I haven't planted anything yet this year. We keep on getting freezes. I'm all set to plant....when I get to I have a ton of seeds: cosmos, bachelor buttons, sunflowers, zinnias, purple corn flower, yarrow, etc. The trouble with me is that I hate to thin out the seeds! After I get some good flowers, I pick them and turn them into still life images. Today I posted a photo of some morning glories I photographed last year in a bowel

Were do you generally get your flower seeds?

Dani said...

Martha, I usually order from rareseeds or pinetree garden seeds.