Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's Hot Out!

Okay, it's definitely summer, and my plants aren't liking it at all. The squash and cucumbers are toast and my tomatoes don't have much longer.
Quite honestly it's all very, very sad.
But, at least I am learning which plants can handle the heat and which ones can't. Hopefully this will serve me well when it comes to planning for my next seed order.

I do have some summer stand outs. The eggplants are doing well, which surprises me cause I never have good luck with them!

And the green, purple and pineapple tomatillos are going bonkers in the backyard garden. I am so looking forward to yummy salsas! Hopefully, I didn't just jinx myself. :)

Mystery tomatillo

This is my third sowing of beans so far this year. And this time I'm doing Kentucky Blue and Kentucky Wonder. I've had great success with both of these before, so I'm curious as to how they'll handle the hotter months of the year.

And last, but not least, I still have my wonderful sunflowers.
(Until the conures and quaker parrots eat them)

Happy, cheerful, smile makers. I just love them!

So friends, what do you all have growing?


chickory said...

as soon as i get to chickory i will show you. i planted my squash and zukes under my bean poles to shade them from the sun. my friend says im going to be amazed when i see how much everythings grown in a week. i cant wait!!

i love the pix - of the tomatillos i think? they look cool. i didnt plant that. i did start from seed some heirloom cherry tomatoes that are spossed to grow yellow red orange and brown all on one plant. (you believe that? i fell for it)

R.Powers said...

Waaaay hot out!
Your tomatillos sound great. I have their wild cousin the ground cherry as a "weed" in my garden.

I have a few tomatoes and some peppers, but my veggies are not doing that great.

It's the blueberries that have saved my green thumb. They are still producing scads of fruit!

Unknown said...

Yes it is HOT! Bell Peppers, Tomatoes, Rooster Spur Peppers, Habanera Peppers, Grapefruit, a few Apples are still hanging on and Blueberries.

threecollie said...

Your plants are lovely despite the heat. It is wet here...wet, wet, wet. So we have slugs...carpets of them...oh well..

Erin said...

Dani, thanks for stopping in at my blog! I love your pictures here, and can't wait to go make myself a latte after my kid leaves for school this morning so I can get back on here and check out your chickens! (I am jealous of you and Kate, and have stealth chickens in my near future, within a year that is!!)

Dani said...

Chickory, those cherry toms sound like those grafted fruit trees that have lemons, oranges, and grapefruit on them. :)

I would have bought the seeds too, just because it sound so neat.

FC, we are always so envious of your blueberries! I bet they will do even better since you took that oak down.

Darla, WoW! You go with your green thumb girlfriend!

ThreeCollie, (Hugs) to your momma. Is she doing okay so far?
Is all the rain normal for this time of year? It must make everything harder for y'all when it's muddy and rainy.

Erin, lattes? You're killin' me! ;0
Kate and I love our stealth chickens. I just hope we never get busted. We're way attached to the little buggers.

Big Shamu said...

I have a container garden so not much. Lettuce is still producing. Tomatoes are starting to flower, herbs (which is really the whole reason for the garden) are doing great.

Dani said...

Sham, I love the herbs too! I find myself planting and using basil the most though. It's one of the few things that I can actually smell.:)

My poor lettuce gave up the good fight awhile ago. Poor things. They just turn to mush under our sun.

Erin said...

yeah, lattes are my weakness...it got too expensive at coffee shops so I got myself a big awesome machine a few years back...drink them iced all day or I would get nothing done!

Dani said...

Erin, I've been looking into getting one too. As much as I love my iced coffees, I can't justify spending almost five dollars for one. :(

What kind did you end up buying?

Big Shamu said...

Although I will say, something is eating my basil up. Not good.

Prospero said...

What you have there looks nice. As for me, I'm struggling with vegetables. I have tomatoes and green peppers. My squash was a fiasco. Oh, I have corn.

Aunty Belle said...

I Know I know!! 95 degrees plus ever day!

We has the same woes, Dani. TOmotes is finit. All squashy thangs is done. Onliest thangs left is bell peppers, sweet potatoes and herbs.

I'se pullin' up ever'thang an enrichin' the soil, looking forward to fall.

The photo of that bean sprouting is wonderful!

Dani said...

Shamu, furry variety or bugs?

Prospero, we're all struggling now. It's just so darn hot out!

Aunty, that's a great idea, enriching the soil for the fall. I might just do that too.

Kate and Crew said...

Oh the heat. It's just ridiculous this time of year, isn't it? I can't bear to be outside for more than 5 minutes because I turn into a melty mess. Blech. Do you plant any veggies in the summer? I've heard okra is one of the few plants that can cling to life in July and August in FL...

Great pics!

Unknown said...

Poor plants! looks like most are doing ok though. :)

Dani said...

Kate, it is! I find myself staying aound the house during summer. It's horrid wearing jeans and leg braces to go out. Ahgg! It's a good thing I can't smell myself! ;0

I'm not going to plant anything until after Sept. Too hot, and too much mildew on everything.

Lisa, my poor front yard garden is really struggling, but the backyard one is holding steady. :)

fishy said...

I mostly have flowers, Hydrangeas and Stargaser Lillies are putting on a show and the lemon balm is about to take over. My blackberries should be ready soonest, probably while I am away for Dad's day ;-(

On the what can you eat front, I have only planted those yummy golden pear tomatoes and a big mixed herb pot.

All your stuff looks great, I am so pleased for you and maybe a tad bit envious too!

Good job, thanks for sharing.

Dani said...

Hey Fishy, I've missed your pretty voice around here. :)

I'm a little envious of your gardens! It sounds so magical with the lillies, lemon balm, and hydrangeas. A feast for the eyes for sure!

Granny Annie said...

Hot is an understatement! We're just trying to hold still until a cool breeze comes by. Our garden is yielding onions. We have nice cabbage coming on and tomatoes starting as well as peppers. Our neighbor uses part of our land for his garden and has already given us zucchini and yellow squash.

Sorry I've been out of touch but had grandchildren visiting for 28 days and am just getting back to blogland. Love your pictures and accounts of your garden.